Kruger Park


  • Cycle along the coast of the breathtaking Cape Peninsula on the comfort of your e-bike saddle and take on the hills with absolute ease
  • Get close up to wildlife such as Ostrich, Baboons and various species of Antelope
  • Stand above the most South-Westerly tip of the African continent where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet
  • Enjoy a carefully composed gourmet picnic at a secluded and peaceful location by a tidal pool and the ocean, or a fine dining lunch at one of the Southern suburb’s top restaurants.
  • Cycle along stunning scenic mountain road passes with picture perfect stops at every corner
  • Spend some time observing the famous “jackass” penguin colony on the beaches of the beautiful naval Simonstown.
  • Relax and enjoy a private tour customized to your preferences, needs and level of fitness.

Peddle your way along the rocky coastline of the breathtaking Cape Peninsula and into Cape Point Nature Reserve, keeping your eyes peeled for the common and the more unexpected wildlife and indigenous flora encountered along the way. Get close up to wildlife such as Ostrich, Baboons and Antelope from the comfort of your e-bike saddle and take in the beauty of the surrounding fynbos with over 8000 different species such as the King Protea, South Africa’s national flower. As you make your way to the most southwesterly tip of Africa, the Cape Of Good Hope, you will witness the meeting point of the Atlantic and Indian oceans, a spectacular sight as you look down onto rocky cliffs, secluded white beaches and turquoise water. After a gourmet picnic at a secret location , after lunch you will make your way to the beautiful naval town of Simonstown located in False Bay, home to one of the most diverse marine life in the world. You will get the chance to encounter the funny and famous african “jackass” penguin colony at boulders beach and maybe go for a swim in the lovely warm Indian ocean.

This is a private tour and our guide remains very flexible on the day and takes into account any of your specific needs or desires when deciding the final route. Do not hesitate to speak to your guide about changing certain specifics of the tours or adding anything you might desperately want to do or see. Ts and Cs may apply.

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